thetime is a seed fund investing in world-changing entrepreneurs

We incubate innovative ideas, cutting edge technologies and inspiring people.

With the support of the Israeli Government Innovation Authority, we assist them in growing from seed stage to become mature, business model based, companies.

We invest in Digital life technologies

Our Team

Ilan Shiloah

Chairman & Co Founder

Ilan Shiloah

Ilan Shiloah is Chairman of McCann Erickson (Israel), the leading advertising company in Israel for the last 12 years, and member of the executive Board of McCann Erickson Europe.

Nir Tarlovsky

VICE Chairman & Co Founder

Nir Tarlovsky

Nir Tarlovsky has been an entrepreneur and angel investor for the last 20 years.

Nir stands behind successful companies like Nielsen buzz Metrics, SurfEU, RSL Communications, PSINet Europe and others.

Keren Kopilov


Keren Kopilov

Former CFO of IPG Reuveni-Pridan brings over 15 years of experience in financial management.
Keren is a member of the board of directors of JDRF Israel.

Ido Pollak

CEO & Managing Partner

Ido Pollak

Ido Pollak has been a serial entrepreneur in the tech industry for the past 2 decades.

Ido was founder and CEO of The Marker, founded Grouper (acquired by Groupon) and chaired the company post its acquisition.

Companies Portfolio


Playful content platform

playbuzz website playbuzz facebook page


Therapy For All

Talkspace website Talkspace facebook page


Sport Broadcast Technology

Pixellot website Pixellot facebook page


Pet wellness advisor

Oggii website Oggii facebook page


The leading technology blog in Israel

Geektime website Geektime facebook page

LEO Lane

Commercialized 3D printed designed

LEO Lane website LEO Line facebook page


Data management for monetizing video assets

viisights website viisights facebook page


Collaboration Cloud For Video Production

Lookat website Lookat facebook page


Client Side Security Platform

ChameleonX website


Medical decisions Reinvented

Medecide website


New crowd diligence real-timed digital platform for early stage equity investors.

innovesta website


Insightful location based content

Books On Map website Books On Map facebook page


ArtSourcing Unleashed

MyPart website MyPart facebook page


Learn about cars from people who really own them

ZECAR website ZWCAR facebook page


Instant AI-based native English rephrasing

MailFixer website


Computer vision based tennis monitoring and analyzing technology

Baseline website


Harnessing AI to convert clinical text to actionable care

Maverick website


Automated smart legal analysis

Litigate website


Visual Workout Solution for Swimmers

Senswim website


The only self-service Spark processing platform

BigBI website


Crowdsourcing mobile experience

Crowdx website


Image recognition solutions


sophisticated security solutions



Realtime relevant magazine


The leader in Application Delivery Controllers

TRAFFIX website TRAFFIX facebook page

thetime News

April 17, 2019

שלושה סטארט-אפים מישראל התקבלו לתוכנית האוטוטק של האיחוד האירופי

חברת מאפו פיתחה פלטפורמה שמציגה נקודות עניין ע”ב מיקום, מייק מיי דיי מבצעת אופטימיזציה לנסיעות לפי לו”ז המשתמש וסייפמוד פיתחה כלי לייעול הפעלת ציי רכב ארגוניים. […]
April 17, 2019

Automated Broadcasting Startup Pixellot Scores Extended Contract With PlayOn! Sports

Israel-based Pixellot develops automated production technologies that provide live, multi-angled, panoramic HD broadcasts of sporting events Automated broadcasting company Pixellot Ltd. and Atlanta, Georgia-based high school […]
April 17, 2019

עברתם ניתוח? יש סיכוי לא רע שהוא היה מיותר

ניתוחים ופרוצדורות מיותרים מהווים נטל כלכלי ובריאותי כבד על המערכות בארץ ובעולם. מדוע הם נגרמים ומדוע במקרים רבים טיפולים שמרניים שיכולים להשיג תוצאות טובות – נותרים […]
April 17, 2019

Israel’s Most Promising Emerging Startups – Litigate – Tech&Law List

we present Israel’s first and most promising Israeli legal-tech start up – litigate – an intelligent legal analysis platform, described by one of its costumers as “the most […]
July 11, 2018

עברי לידר מצטרף כשותף לסטארט-אפ מוזיקה

April 3, 2018

“הולכים מכות ברחוב? המחשב יידע לזהות ולהתריע על כך”